Things Gary needed to do to get Danielle back.

Gary was at a loss as to how to get an ex girlfriend back. Danielle had dumped him saying that he was a slob but Danielle had a nagging feeling that because the issue of Gary’s personal hygiene would stop the relationship going any further when the partner couldn’t even maintain his own hygiene. Gary was at a loss about how to get his ex girlfriend back.

Gary took a long hard look at himself. He noted that he often didn’t shave on the weekends.When he looked in the mirror he noticed how unshaven he looked, he relaized that he looked like that a lot. He didn’t get his hair cut for at least two months. Danielle sometime mentioned that he needed a manicure but he just laughed.

Gary looked around his flat and thought, what a pigstye. How could he expect Danielle to move in here.

Armed with this crucial information about himself  he made a plan, he decided that he needed to win Danielle over. So, how was he going to achieve this.?

Gary recognised that he wasn’t good at keeping himself clean, His first step was to hire a cleaner to clean his flat once a week, he also asked to have his shirts and pants cleaned and ironed weekly.. He also asked the housekeeper to put doing his laundry on their list of things to do so that he would always have a clean shirt and pair of undershorts to wear.

He made a point to shower and shave every day , even when he wasn?t going to see anybody. He figured making a habit of it would be a good idea.He figured that, start out as you mean to go on. He would but on some nice smelling body talc along with sweet smelling after shave.

Whe Gary had cleaned himself up, the next step in his plan, how to get an ex girlfriend back, was to write a letter to Danielle telling her about the changes he had made. He even sent her some pictures of himself and his extra clean apartment.

Guess what, she agreed to meet for coffee. She really loved Gary,but the only way to get him to change was to be hard on him. Deep down she wanted to make a life with Gary, but on her terms..

They had a chat and Gary recognised her concerns. He said that there were things that he could do a better job at, like taking care of his personal grooming. He also said that he was unlikely to do a lot of the housekeeping, but he could hire a maid service to do that for him knowing that having a clean place was important to Daniell.He doesn’t really like doing housework, so in order for them to spend more time together he was going to pay to have his flat cleaned each week.

Danielle could see how much of an effort Gary had made..However, she didn’t feel that the effort he had made was sufficent.They both agreed that if in six months time Gary was still sticking to his promises that she would move in with him. If you would like some more relationship tips click here.


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