Four tips on how to grow strawberries.

Plant your strawberries in the spring. If you’re planting
young plants, be sure that they’re certified and disease
frees. Select plants with large crowns with healthy, lightcolored
roots. Prepare your soil with 1-2 inches of organic
matter (like compost, or well rotted manure).
2. Planting
To plant your strawberry plants, make a hole big enough
to spread the roots. Make the center of the hole into a
hill, and place the crown at soil level. Spread the roots
downward, and bury the strawberry plant so that the soil
goes half way up the crown.
3. Watering
Your strawberries will need 1 to 2 inches of water per
week. This is especially important during the formation of
the strawberry, from early bloom until it’s time to pick
4. Harvesting
Pick your strawberries when they’re fully ripened. This
means leaving the berries on the plant for a day or two
after they are fully colored. To pick them, snap the stem
directly above the berry, rather than pulling on the berry.

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