How green is your grass,?

Practicing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is not always the easiest of things to do. In fact, it’s probably true to say that for most of us we instinctively know that when it comes to gardening it’s often a lot easier to achieve the results we’re after by going down the chemical route than the one that’s kinder to the environment.

So, with all of the publicity that’s around these days, you just know that we humans have done a tremendous amount of damage to the environment already and you’re ready to make the adjustments that you know you’re going to have to now that you’ve decided to be a good citizen and do your bit to protect the environment for future generations, right?

Ok, one starting point when it comes to lawn care is making a mental readjustment concerning just exactly what you class as a weed. Now, we’ve all been conditioned to regard certain plants as weeds and certain plants as the type of things we wish to grow in our gardens. But is it not true that some ‘weeds’ actually produce very attractive flowers? Of course it is. Dandelions and daisies are two such species that tend to be frowned upon when they dare to grow in our lawns. But are they not attractive when they flower?

Of course, there will certainly be some types of plants that you will definitely not want spoiling your pristine lawn. One of the ways to tackle them is to not really tackle them at all but to focus on the grass itself. If you concentrate on producing the strongest, healthiest, most disease-free grass possible you’ll find that its own resilience will enable it to fight its own battles against weeds. So, with this in mind you should arm yourself with a few organic fertilizing recipes and get into the habit of regularly fertilizing your lawn with these.

It is a fact that grass is a supreme colonizer. It’s always looking to expand its reach, so the stronger and healthier you make it, the more it will show a natural propensity to crowd out weeds.

You must also make sure that you follow a regular mowing schedule. This is because grass benefits from regular mowing whereas weeds are damaged by it.

And don’t forget the most basic of weed killing practices – getting rid of them by hand. It may not sound a terribly appetizing way of getting the job done, in fact it might sound too much like hard work, but it’s definitely a fact that getting stuck in pulling weeds by hand is the most environmentally-friendly way of doing it and it even has health benefits for you because of all that wonderful exercise you’re getting out there in the fresh air.

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