4 Hair Restoration Tips

When you look at yourself in your mirror and frown at how much your hair has thinned out? Are you then trying to cover up the bald spots? When you run your fingers through your hair, do you end up with 20-50 loose strands? If you said yes to any of these questions, you may have premature hair loss and are wondering what next?.

Hair loss occurs in both men and women. Hair loss can adversely affect your self confidence and personal view. In recent years, more and more young people are suffering from premature hair loss. Modern life coupled with working longer hours leading to stress is the main cause of hair loss, tension, poor diet, insufficient rest and use of harmful chemicals.

What are the most natural remedies for hair loss,here are four tips

1. Vitamin B7 Biotin

Using this B-complex nutrient will help regrowth of your hair, as well as make it stronger and slow down further loss.. Some of the best ways to get Bioton are by consuming yeast, kidney, eggs, liver, nuts and soy beans. However, getting Biotin from your diet is insufficient for your hair needsyou will not get suffucent amounts from your food. You still need Biotin supplements. The recommendation of daily amount is (RDI) 30mcg. But you don’t have to worry about over dosage as there are no side effects . Any excess will be excreted. There are plenty of testimonials vouching for the effectiveness of Biotin in reducing hair loss. There was mention of quick results, within 7 days.

2. Egg treatment
You may not like the idea of dumping egg on your head but the fact remains that it can remedy your hair loss. It’s able to strengthen your hair. There are a few ways to apply it.

– Combine 1 egg with 2tbsp of olive oil. Mix it together and apply it to your hair foe 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
– Get the yolk of an egg and add honey, rub it into the scalp and head. Leave for 1/2 hour then rinse off.
– Mix two egg yolks with half a cup of water. Rub it throughly into your hair and scalp for five mins. Rinse it out with cold water.

It;s very important to use cold water, not hot water to do the rinsing out. You may end up with slightly cooked eggs on your head. Now some of you might be wondering “how do I get rid of the bad egg smell afterwards?” After washing off the egg treatment, follow-up with a rinse of vinegar mixed in water. This will get rid of the smell. Alternatively you could use lemon juice

3. You may be using the wrong shampoo
Check the bottle of shampoo that you are using, does it contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)? These are corrosive ingredients and are used in household and commercial cleaners for example soap for washing your car,for gegreasing engines,also found in cleaners for garage floors. This can damage the hair follices and stunt hair growth. There are ongoing studies, but previous studies blame this ingredient for thinning hair. The danger of SLS is quite controversial. But why take the risk when you can be safe with organic shampoos that use natural ingredients. There are also countless testimonies of how changing to a non-SLS shampoo lead to a reduction in hair loss.

4. Try Aloe Vera
The Native Americans, Carribeans and Indians are great believers in using aloe vera for skin care, TYalso keeping the scalp and hair really health looking. Not only does it prevent excessive hair loss but also encourages hair growth. It It works by creating a balanced ph level,cleans the skin pores and actually repairs your damaged hair. If you have the plant, you can rub the natural gel onto your scalp. If not, you can opt for the over-the-counter Aloe Vera gel. Leave it on your head for an hour or more, then rinse off. This product is also found in shampoos and conditioners. If you don’t mind the hassle, you can even make your own Aloe Vera shampoo by mixing it together with coconut milk and a little wheat germ oil.

Excessive hair loss is a great concern especially if you are as young as 18 years old. You may be eager to try the many hair loss treatments that you’ve read about, First pay a visit to a dermatologist in case there is an underlying health issue. However, the first important step is to visit a dermatologist to rule out any underlying health problem. When you have all the facts, you can make a start on the road to restoring your premature hair loss.


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