Easy Courses in Woodturning

Wood turning has a definite place in the commercial world. It is used in different forms like making furniture, building trim, tool parts, toys and many other useful and beautiful designs in daily use.

Because of its strong demand from both hobbyist and professionals, colleges and universities offer short and easy courses for those willing to learn more about wood turning.

The following are some of the easy courses you can attend during weekdays or weekend depending on your preference.

Footstools for Beginners

Tuition fee ranges from $200 to $300. The course aims for you to gain comfort in basic skills of both faceplate and spindle turning as you make your own unique footstool. Possibilities for embellishing the surface will also be discussed on the earlier part. You will surely be amazed at what you will accomplish and learn in just a short time.

Ornaments from Simple to Exquisite

Schools offer this simple course to wood turn simple ornaments into exquisite ones. The tuition fee ranges from $200 to $300. The course will teach you to start with simple icicle, angel, nutcracker-style stick or snowman ornament and progress to the challenging Hollow Globule with Icicle and Cap. If there is more time and interest, the instructors may teach you to turn birdhouse ornaments—maybe the multi-axis ones. Course emphasis is on improving skills through project-based, hands-on wood turning and learning. Skill levels appropriate in the class are intermediate and beyond.

Design Basics on the Mini-Lathe

Tuition fee ranges from $500 to $600. The course aims to explore your creativity as they put you on the path to developing your own wood turning style. You can learn basic turning strategies on the mini lathe by creating new varieties of items. You will then be encouraged to make design changes on each project. The class will include lathe safety, tool sharpening, finishing touches and tool-use choices. Beginning and intermediate students are very much welcome.

Turning Family Style

This is a weeklong learning about the fascinating art of woodturning. The tuition fee ranges from $500 to $550. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have some experiences; there will be plenty of fun projects available to challenge you. Develop or fine-tune tool skills, with emphasis on safety as you work at your own pace in a relaxed environment. Students recommended for the class are those with beginning and intermediate levels.



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