7 Tips on how to make painting FUN!.

I don’t know about you but when I think about the painting jobs that I have to do my head goes into a spin.I don’t find painting appealing,it isn’t my favorite household chore. But through experience I have found a routine that helps me to get the job done.

Here are 7 great tips to help you with that painting job.

I love listening to music, so whatever room I am going to paint in the first step is to put my favorite music on.Turn the volume up loud so that it will fill your thoughts and puts you in a good humor.Let’s face it when your mood is good you will get through the work more easily.

If you have many rooms to paint ask family members or friends to help.Pick people that you can trust to paint the rooms properly. The last thing you want is to have to do their work all over again.

Getting good quality painters tape is a priority.Painters tape that sticks properly and is easy to remove is recommended.

painters tape amazon

If you have some old bed sheets or towels lying around, use them to cover every little bit of your flooring or carpet.Make sure that you don’t get any paint on there, it can be difficult to remove.

Have you a pair of old overalls or old clothes to wear, put these on as paint is hard to remove.

painting overalls

Before painting you will need to prepare the surface first.Get some good quality sandpaper and filler in case you find any cracks or holes in the walls or woodwork.Use a paint that has a primer in it, this saves time.

house paint with primer

Last but not least, remember painting can be fun, remember to laugh and enjoy the work. It will be worth it.

Painting your home whether it is inside the house or outside requires you to start with the right frame of mind and preparation.When you have everything in place the job of painting will be much more enjoyable.

I like to write about do it yourself projects. If you like to find out more on this subject please visit my site here.

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Gardening tips to avoid fungus during summer

Most of us are ready to invest huge amount for landscaping and gardening to give face lift for our home. But we failed to prune when the plants needed it, and then your highly invested landscape looks terrible than ever. So this is a high time to know about the gardening tips for better maintenance of your lawn. Do follow the following gardening tips for better life of your garden: –

Gardening tips for pruning
As we discussed in the introduction, pruning plays an important role in the garden maintenance. If you commit any mistake while pruning, don’t lose your heart because it’s like a bad haircut, it is going to grow again.

Avoid watering in the evening
During summer, you may experience high humidity, which might result in lot of problems in your garden. To get your plants nice and dry, tuck them in for night. In addition to this watering in the evening may be avoided to prevent damage to the plants.

Get rid of Powdery mildew
Powdery mildew is the common fungus mostly affects your ornamental plants. This will create white film on the leaves of the plants in your garden. Even other ornamental plants such as Sand cherry and Dogwoods are also getting affected with this fungus. Efficient gardening is necessary to curtail the growth of this fungus. You can easily prevent this by spraying general fungicide in the garden centre.

Prevention of Pythium Blight
If you’re in the north and also having perennial Rye grass, then you ought to be very careful not to leave your grass wet at night. A dreadful fungus called Pythium Blight may take its upper hand, if you leave your lawn wet in the night because this fungus love to grow in high humid condition mostly, in the night.

Pythium blight can easily be seen in the early morning. You can easily appreciate the fungus on the top of the lawn as white cotton candy. You can easily notice this fungus mainly along driveways and walks, where the soil is moist. Pythium blight can easily be controlled by watering in the day at the earliest possible time.

Fire Blight
Fire Blight, yet another culprit prefers to grow well during summer than any other season. This fungus prefers to attack Pyracantha, cotoneasters, crabapple trees, and Apple trees. The presence of Fire Blight can easily be visualized once the any one of the branches of the plant turns red and dies. This Fire Blight can be prevented little by pruning the affected branch and removing it from the main plant as far as possible.

It is also important that the cut branches should be burnt since Fire Blight is contagious and also wash or dip the projected shears by using alcohol in order to prevent the spread of the deadly fungus to other parts of the branch.

Shotgun fungus
A little gem like fungus, which prefers to grow in mulch and tends to swell, has been termed as “Short gun Fungus”. This fungus can fly up to 8 feet in the air and will spatter your house with tiny brown specks and once they stick to your house or windows, they stick like glue. Most of us suspect the spiders and aliens for this tiny brown speck. You can’t prevent this fungus, but can do something by keeping the mulch loose so air can circulate inside to keep this fungus out. Although mulch is great, don’t allow them to get packed, try to remove it at least once in a year and also rake it flat as if it will look like you’ve just mulched.

Learn more gardening tips here.

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Things Gary needed to do to get Danielle back.

Gary was at a loss as to how to get an ex girlfriend back. Danielle had dumped him saying that he was a slob but Danielle had a nagging feeling that because the issue of Gary’s personal hygiene would stop the relationship going any further when the partner couldn’t even maintain his own hygiene. Gary was at a loss about how to get his ex girlfriend back.

Gary took a long hard look at himself. He noted that he often didn’t shave on the weekends.When he looked in the mirror he noticed how unshaven he looked, he relaized that he looked like that a lot. He didn’t get his hair cut for at least two months. Danielle sometime mentioned that he needed a manicure but he just laughed.

Gary looked around his flat and thought, what a pigstye. How could he expect Danielle to move in here.

Armed with this crucial information about himself  he made a plan, he decided that he needed to win Danielle over. So, how was he going to achieve this.?

Gary recognised that he wasn’t good at keeping himself clean, His first step was to hire a cleaner to clean his flat once a week, he also asked to have his shirts and pants cleaned and ironed weekly.. He also asked the housekeeper to put doing his laundry on their list of things to do so that he would always have a clean shirt and pair of undershorts to wear.

He made a point to shower and shave every day , even when he wasn?t going to see anybody. He figured making a habit of it would be a good idea.He figured that, start out as you mean to go on. He would but on some nice smelling body talc along with sweet smelling after shave.

Whe Gary had cleaned himself up, the next step in his plan, how to get an ex girlfriend back, was to write a letter to Danielle telling her about the changes he had made. He even sent her some pictures of himself and his extra clean apartment.

Guess what, she agreed to meet for coffee. She really loved Gary,but the only way to get him to change was to be hard on him. Deep down she wanted to make a life with Gary, but on her terms..

They had a chat and Gary recognised her concerns. He said that there were things that he could do a better job at, like taking care of his personal grooming. He also said that he was unlikely to do a lot of the housekeeping, but he could hire a maid service to do that for him knowing that having a clean place was important to Daniell.He doesn’t really like doing housework, so in order for them to spend more time together he was going to pay to have his flat cleaned each week.

Danielle could see how much of an effort Gary had made..However, she didn’t feel that the effort he had made was sufficent.They both agreed that if in six months time Gary was still sticking to his promises that she would move in with him. If you would like some more relationship tips click here.

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Four tips on how to grow strawberries.

Plant your strawberries in the spring. If you’re planting
young plants, be sure that they’re certified and disease
frees. Select plants with large crowns with healthy, lightcolored
roots. Prepare your soil with 1-2 inches of organic
matter (like compost, or well rotted manure).
2. Planting
To plant your strawberry plants, make a hole big enough
to spread the roots. Make the center of the hole into a
hill, and place the crown at soil level. Spread the roots
downward, and bury the strawberry plant so that the soil
goes half way up the crown.
3. Watering
Your strawberries will need 1 to 2 inches of water per
week. This is especially important during the formation of
the strawberry, from early bloom until it’s time to pick
4. Harvesting
Pick your strawberries when they’re fully ripened. This
means leaving the berries on the plant for a day or two
after they are fully colored. To pick them, snap the stem
directly above the berry, rather than pulling on the berry.

More great gardening tips here.

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Tips on flower growing.

Flowers add color and beauty to any home decor. Unless you are a trained florist it is difficult to know the ins and outs about flower arranging.

When you first bring your flowers home from the store take off the cellophane and put the flowers in water with plant food. It is very important you use plant food as this will increase the life of your flowers. Remove any excess foliage or greenery at the bottom of the flower because if leaves are left below the water line they will rot.

If no plant food is included with the flowers you can use one teaspoon of sugar to a gallon of water and add an aspirin to help keep the water clean. Of course plant food is better but this will work in lieu of food.

Make sure you purchase floral shears for cutting flowers as scissors and knives can tear or damage the stem. Cut the stem on an angle, not straight across. This will permit better water absorption.

Change the water in the vase every two to three days. Trim the stems again when you change the water to increase longevity.

Add fresh plant food when you change the water as well. You can purchase little packets of plant food at most nurseries for about ten cents per pack. Keep a few on hand.

Flowers actually keep better in indirect light as opposed to direct bright light. It is also best not to place flowers near heaters, vents, drafts, or on fridges or televisions.

It is important to use vases that are sparkly clean. You can get great results by adding denture cleaner to a vase. They will come out squeaky clean. You can use chlorine bleach and a scouring brush to get vases clean as well.

When arranging your flowers you can use one big flower or bunch a few small ones together for a similar effect. Placing the larger flower in the center is best in a vase arrangement. A vase should be about one half the height of the flowers.

Place your stronger, bolder colored flowers in the center of the vase and the lighter colors on the outside. You can choose different types of flowers but try to keep them in the same family of colors or have colors that are complimentary to each other like a yellow and blue flower.

Always work with an odd number of flowers like three, five or seven. This is more visually appealing. Place large stems in the center. Always start by putting the green foliage into the vase first and then fill in the flowers.

If the flowers appear limp take them out of the vase and place them in cold water for one hour. Then take them out and shake off the excess water and put back into the vase.

Experiment and stand back and observe your work…

Buy magazines, go to a nursery or go online to see how they do their arrangements for additional design ideas. Have fun with this. You will get better the more you practice.

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4 Hair Restoration Tips

When you look at yourself in your mirror and frown at how much your hair has thinned out? Are you then trying to cover up the bald spots? When you run your fingers through your hair, do you end up with 20-50 loose strands? If you said yes to any of these questions, you may have premature hair loss and are wondering what next?.

Hair loss occurs in both men and women. Hair loss can adversely affect your self confidence and personal view. In recent years, more and more young people are suffering from premature hair loss. Modern life coupled with working longer hours leading to stress is the main cause of hair loss, tension, poor diet, insufficient rest and use of harmful chemicals.

What are the most natural remedies for hair loss,here are four tips

1. Vitamin B7 Biotin

Using this B-complex nutrient will help regrowth of your hair, as well as make it stronger and slow down further loss.. Some of the best ways to get Bioton are by consuming yeast, kidney, eggs, liver, nuts and soy beans. However, getting Biotin from your diet is insufficient for your hair needsyou will not get suffucent amounts from your food. You still need Biotin supplements. The recommendation of daily amount is (RDI) 30mcg. But you don’t have to worry about over dosage as there are no side effects . Any excess will be excreted. There are plenty of testimonials vouching for the effectiveness of Biotin in reducing hair loss. There was mention of quick results, within 7 days.

2. Egg treatment
You may not like the idea of dumping egg on your head but the fact remains that it can remedy your hair loss. It’s able to strengthen your hair. There are a few ways to apply it.

– Combine 1 egg with 2tbsp of olive oil. Mix it together and apply it to your hair foe 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
– Get the yolk of an egg and add honey, rub it into the scalp and head. Leave for 1/2 hour then rinse off.
– Mix two egg yolks with half a cup of water. Rub it throughly into your hair and scalp for five mins. Rinse it out with cold water.

It;s very important to use cold water, not hot water to do the rinsing out. You may end up with slightly cooked eggs on your head. Now some of you might be wondering “how do I get rid of the bad egg smell afterwards?” After washing off the egg treatment, follow-up with a rinse of vinegar mixed in water. This will get rid of the smell. Alternatively you could use lemon juice

3. You may be using the wrong shampoo
Check the bottle of shampoo that you are using, does it contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)? These are corrosive ingredients and are used in household and commercial cleaners for example soap for washing your car,for gegreasing engines,also found in cleaners for garage floors. This can damage the hair follices and stunt hair growth. There are ongoing studies, but previous studies blame this ingredient for thinning hair. The danger of SLS is quite controversial. But why take the risk when you can be safe with organic shampoos that use natural ingredients. There are also countless testimonies of how changing to a non-SLS shampoo lead to a reduction in hair loss.

4. Try Aloe Vera
The Native Americans, Carribeans and Indians are great believers in using aloe vera for skin care, TYalso keeping the scalp and hair really health looking. Not only does it prevent excessive hair loss but also encourages hair growth. It It works by creating a balanced ph level,cleans the skin pores and actually repairs your damaged hair. If you have the plant, you can rub the natural gel onto your scalp. If not, you can opt for the over-the-counter Aloe Vera gel. Leave it on your head for an hour or more, then rinse off. This product is also found in shampoos and conditioners. If you don’t mind the hassle, you can even make your own Aloe Vera shampoo by mixing it together with coconut milk and a little wheat germ oil.

Excessive hair loss is a great concern especially if you are as young as 18 years old. You may be eager to try the many hair loss treatments that you’ve read about, First pay a visit to a dermatologist in case there is an underlying health issue. However, the first important step is to visit a dermatologist to rule out any underlying health problem. When you have all the facts, you can make a start on the road to restoring your premature hair loss.

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How green is your grass,?

Practicing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is not always the easiest of things to do. In fact, it’s probably true to say that for most of us we instinctively know that when it comes to gardening it’s often a lot easier to achieve the results we’re after by going down the chemical route than the one that’s kinder to the environment.

So, with all of the publicity that’s around these days, you just know that we humans have done a tremendous amount of damage to the environment already and you’re ready to make the adjustments that you know you’re going to have to now that you’ve decided to be a good citizen and do your bit to protect the environment for future generations, right?

Ok, one starting point when it comes to lawn care is making a mental readjustment concerning just exactly what you class as a weed. Now, we’ve all been conditioned to regard certain plants as weeds and certain plants as the type of things we wish to grow in our gardens. But is it not true that some ‘weeds’ actually produce very attractive flowers? Of course it is. Dandelions and daisies are two such species that tend to be frowned upon when they dare to grow in our lawns. But are they not attractive when they flower?

Of course, there will certainly be some types of plants that you will definitely not want spoiling your pristine lawn. One of the ways to tackle them is to not really tackle them at all but to focus on the grass itself. If you concentrate on producing the strongest, healthiest, most disease-free grass possible you’ll find that its own resilience will enable it to fight its own battles against weeds. So, with this in mind you should arm yourself with a few organic fertilizing recipes and get into the habit of regularly fertilizing your lawn with these.

It is a fact that grass is a supreme colonizer. It’s always looking to expand its reach, so the stronger and healthier you make it, the more it will show a natural propensity to crowd out weeds.

You must also make sure that you follow a regular mowing schedule. This is because grass benefits from regular mowing whereas weeds are damaged by it.

And don’t forget the most basic of weed killing practices – getting rid of them by hand. It may not sound a terribly appetizing way of getting the job done, in fact it might sound too much like hard work, but it’s definitely a fact that getting stuck in pulling weeds by hand is the most environmentally-friendly way of doing it and it even has health benefits for you because of all that wonderful exercise you’re getting out there in the fresh air.

More lawn care tips here.

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